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Amicable HomeCare, Inc.
Norwalk, California                                                   AHC Employee Portal

"Your Partners in Home Health"

Proudly serving the City of Norwalk, California and surrounding communities continuously since 1995

Medicare and Medi-Cal Certified in the State of California since 1997


  • Physicians
  • Case Managers
  • Medical Clinics
  • Discharge Planners
  • Community Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Other Home Health Agencies

To refer a patient, simply:

  1. Print the referral form (click here)
  2. Complete the form
  3. Fax completed form to (562) 868-8488

Patient and caregiver comments and opinions as submitted to Customer Satisfaction Monitoring Systems of Beacon Technologies, LTD.

April 2016

They always treated her very well, with respect and much affection. (Survey ID 21346)

You guys have a wonderful staff. They are beautiful. God couldn't hae sent anybody as special as you guys. (Survey ID 91376)

Everyone is very attentive, the nurses do their job very well. (Survey ID 11368)

They were wonderful. They were the nicest women and men. They treated me very well and I miss them. (Survey ID 01366)

He feels comfortable because they speak Spanish. (Survey ID 91362)

They are very kind, very caring, very sympathetic, very knowledgeable. Always prompt, always on time, always informative, always letting me know in advance when they are coming. I'm very happy with them and so is my father with the agency. (Survey ID 01374)

March 2016

In care for 10 years, excellent care. (Survey ID 31345)

All the attention was very good. (Survey ID 61344)

Did a fine job. (Survey ID 61353)

They did a good job. (Survey ID 41316)

February 2016

They have always been attentive and aware of my mom's health. All the work has been done well. (Survey ID 41324)

We are very satisfied with the care they provided for her. It helped her a lot. (Survey ID 01328)

They are all very professional, kind, efficient,and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them. (Survey 11330)

January 2016

They have been over and beyond with the services. (Survey ID 61309)

Very good care, my nurse is fantastic. (Survey ID 81306)

They are #1 agency, RN is nice, extremely happy with agency. (Survey ID 71270)

We are very happy with the care. (Survey ID 51294)